Return Value from Function with Return

Return Value from Function with Return


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// Example
function minusSeven(num) {
  return num - 7;

// Only change code below this line
function timesFive() {
  return 5 * 5;

  return 2 * 5;

  return 0 * 5;


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Your new timesFive function always returns 25. But what they want is for you to make it take in an argument or parameter which can be any number and then multiply it by 5.

Look back at the challenge explanation tolearn how to do that. Or just lookcarefully at the function above called minusSeven


ok ill try that now thank you for the help


it has come up with a syntax error under the fives at the top


make sure your code is syntactically correct.

For eg. in the previous code you showed, you were missing a closing curly brace } after your function (and before the test calls).

Post your code here again, in between two lines with three back ticks like this: