Review my Tribute page and give me feedback

Review my Tribute page and give me feedback


I made a tribute page for project on Nikola Tesla. I would like it if you guys can check it out and give me a review and tell me the flaws so that I can improve myself in the future.


Hmmmm, something’s not working. I’m using Chrome on iPad and your page is just white from the middle of the second block quote to the end where I see “site Wikipedia” over on the right. I can’t find it but I suspect there’s some mix up in the tags.

I see you’ve loaded Bootstrap but not using much. The photo doesn’t show up for me.

Add target ="_blank" to your anchor elements.

Good luck!


ThankYou for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
I tried it on several devices and i could not find any problem.
Nonetheless I added target ="_blank" to the anchor as you said.
Thankyou for taking your time.:blush: