Review Portfolio Page

Review Portfolio Page


I just finished my portfolio site, and tries to get ready for applying job. Please review and give me any feedbacks/opinions for my site. I really appreciate all of your help.


Make sure to add a link to all the sites. I like the animations but if your gonna add them then go all the way with it. For example, maybe when you hover over a project, it increases in size and gets some box shadow so that it looks like its hovering off the page. Not a fan of the gradiant background either but thats just personal preference.

Finally, your contact links at the bottom are clipping through the dotted line. Pretty sure thats not intentional :wink:

Otherwise I think it looks pretty neat! If you take away anything from this post, I think the background would look better with solid colors.

:+1: Keep it up! Let me know when you update links btw, I wanna see the pixel art app.


Very good so far. I would change minor things. Change the cursor to a hand over the projects screenshots to indicate they are links to more detail.
In the resume (screen version) you can centre these screenshots.


Hi @JohnnyBizzel and @ItsRoyal,
Thank you so much for your feedbacks, I really appreciate your advices. I have updated my site. Please feel free to take a look and let me know if I need to improve anything. Here is my site again.


Looks great. The only recommendation I would have is, like @ItsRoyal said, maybe adjust the top margin of those contact links so that they aren’t so close to “contact me.”


Very good. I noticed that if you click “Work”, “Contact” becomes highlighted but I think this will resolve when you add more projects.

I also noticed a gap when you mouse over the social icons with the box shadow.
Try over-riding the zocial css by adding:
.zocial, a.zocial { display: block; }

I think this will fix it but try it out first. Not sure why this is happening.


Hi @JohnnyBizzel,
Thank you again for your feedback. I follow your lead and fix the issue with icons, it works!!
I really appreciate your advice :slight_smile: