RPG Game NodeJS

RPG Game NodeJS


So recently I’ve created this thread: https://www.freecodecamp.org/forum/t/is-this-worth-it-php-game/230942

Long story short I started making this game using Laravel but lost motivation. After somewhere half year few people gave me motivation to finish this game and I’ve made it with NodeJS and socket.io

You can check this out here: https://mystery-of-dungeons.herokuapp.com/

It’s probably unlimited possibilities how can I improve this game. But be real it’s really tedious to create this kind of game all alone atleast for me. So I hope you will like it! :slight_smile: It’s the first time I’ve created a game. :slight_smile:


Love it. Just cant play Offline for maintenance. Pls fix it and i want to do my first battle!


Sorry someone just managed to do some kind of injection and find a way to get how much gold he wants. So I’m searching for solution… at the moment… Don’t know how it’s possible to change the js code itself in the game

Haha now I know he was running function in console in chrome tools. But I don’t get it how to prevent that?


Sounds bad. I think there is no way to prevent commands from console. :frowning: Need to figure out somehow like do it in NODE JS side so the user cant inject how to add gold.


So I just tweaked a little bit of code and made gold, exp etc on serverside more than it was before. Go try it out now: https://mystery-of-dungeons.herokuapp.com


Well is awesome start! But offline again :slight_smile: But dont worry somehow you will figure out as you made it!


Bring your game back online mate!


I’m at my job currently. Need to fix a little bit of code and I’ll release it. :slight_smile:


Do you need a hand with fixing it?