Running FCC without internet

Running FCC without internet


Is it possible to run FCC in local server, without having internet access?

I am teach coding in a school, where there is no internet connection.
I think FCC is a wonderful tool and if I can make it run offline it would
be great teaching aid.

Thank you for inputs and guidance.


A couple months ago there was a similar question about running FCC without active internet connection for educational purposes. The last I heard, it should work in theory but hasn’t been put into practice yet.


Hi Thanks a lot. After some searching in the github issue lists I could get it working using this fork.

At first I thought it was not working but then I realized I had to do “node seed” to get all the tutorials populated.

Its working perfectly.


FreeCodeCamp offline capabilities?

Awesome! I’ll reference this the next time someone asks.


Hi, can you please help. I’ve tried following the steps but I’m getting these errors when i run “database” and “gulp”