Salary asking price NYC

Salary asking price NYC

Hi all,

I recently went on a couple interviews and I think I am close to an offer. Made it past two rounds of technical interviews and built a small project(Which they liked). Meeting with the CEO next, I would believe to negotiate.

This will be my first real developer position if all goes well. Its a Front end developer position in NYC working with React and React native mostly. My questions is what should I ask for a salary?

I looked on Glassdoor and for a junior dev position in NYC is 105k.

This seemed unrealistic to me. So what should my asking price be for considering this is my first real fulltime position as a dev, but it is based in NYC. I currently work as a technical support engineer at a software company(not as a developer). But dont have formal CS degree.

Thanks for your input.

Can you find this company on ? You can check how much the company is paying its current employees, as another measure that could be evaluated.
I do think Glassdoor is reliable, but if you’re not completely comfortable you can find one or two more websites and use all of them as a parameter (and also to justify your proposal to the employer).


Also, you can try to find people on or that work in the area and ask for their advice.

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Thanks for the advice. Yeah I attend a couple of these coding meetups in the city and asked around. They did confirm that 105k is a little unrealistic. I got a good idea of what I should be asking for from them. Thank you.

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