Saturday Learners’ JavaScript Study Group

Saturday Learners’ JavaScript Study Group

Location, Location, Location

We meet at V Schools’ downtown SLC campus, on the 5th floor in the Impact Hub Building (150 South State Street, to the north of the Carl’s Jr). When you arrive, you’ll need to call or text the number posted out front to access the space.

Public Transit: We’re just to the across the street from the 185 S & State St Bus Stop, and a couple blocks walk from the Gallivan Plaza Trax stop

Personal Vehicles: Street parking is free for 2 hours on Saturday — but you have to move your car before you exceed 2 hours! Parking in the Wells Fargo lot, a couple blocks away, is free for up to 10 hours most Saturdays, especially if you’re in before 10am. :slight_smile: If you have to drive, the Wells Fargo lot is the best option I know of currently. (If you know of a better option - please let me know!)


What do we do during study groups?

We collaboratively work through a range of activities, such as: (

• NodeSchool Workshoppers (

• CodeWars Katas (

• Project Euler challenges (

• games (e.g. Elevator Saga (, WarriorJS (, Untrusted (

• competitions (e.g. Fight Code (, CodeFights (, The AI Games (, Hello World Open (

• the original CodeKatas (

• side projects (your own or other Learners’ projects)

• concepts or code that we’re hung-up on

In other words, we practice JS coding and learn more about JS code in a collaborative, supportive, and social environment.

What level of programmer is this for?

If you’re asking, you’re at the right level!

Basically, it’s for anyone wanting to learn and practice JavaScript skills with other people. I think that Learners get more out of it if they have learned the basics beforehand, but you’re welcome to join us even if you’ve never written anything in JavaScript!

That said, the best way to learn how JavaScript works is …

What can I do between study groups? Where should I start learning JavaScript?

If you haven’t started learning the basics, then I really can’t recommend ( enough! It (a) assumes no knowledge coming in, (b) provides a linear progression from no knowledge to a portfolio of web applications, © lets you move as fast or slow as you want, (d) lets you skip lessons and topics you’re already familiar with, and (e) has phenomenal online support.

There are other UtahJS meetups for people just starting out including our monthly presentation meetup. Just keep an eye out for UtahJS “Learners’” meetup events (’&radius=100&userFreeform=salt+lake+city&gcResults=Salt+Lake+City%2C+UT%2C+USA%3AUS%3AUtah%3ASalt+Lake+County%3ASalt+Lake+City%3Anull%3Anull%3A40.7607793%3A-111.89104739999999&change=yes&eventFilter=mysugg).

I’ve also put together a “JS Learner’s Fieldguide (” blog post that you may find useful.