Search and Replace (is it capital letter?)

Search and Replace (is it capital letter?)


Hello everyone!
I’m having some problem with this function. Maybe I’m missing something… the test is pass 3/5 and for some reason when I compare if the first charAt is UpperCase is still returning true when is not supposed to be true))
Please give me some kind of hint :grinning:

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function myReplace(str, before, after) {
  var re = /^[A-Z]/ig;
  return str.replace(before, function replacer(match){
    return !re.test(match.charAt(0)) ? after : after.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + after.substring(1);

myReplace("Let us go to the store", "store", "mall");

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Never mind)) I found my mistake. It had to do with Regex.
It supposed to be /^[A-Z]/ :grin: