Searching for Existing Issues in Github

Searching for Existing Issues in Github


If you still see problems after Getting Help on Gitter, you will want to try to see if anyone else has posted about a similar problem.

  1. Go to FreeCodeCamp’s Github Issues page.

  2. Use the search bar to search for already filed issues that may be related to your problem.

  • If you find one, read it! You can subscribe to get updates about that specific issue by clicking on Subscribe in the sidebar. You can also comment on the issue if you have something to add.
  • If you cannot find any relevant issues you should Create a New Github Issue.

CSS Exercise "Basic CSS: Use CSS Variables to change several elements at once" has typos
Need assistance in quoting-strings-with-single-quotes

The Create a New Github Issue link points to nowhere. The <a> tag doesn’t have an href, which should probably be this one.

closed #3