Second Project : Portfolio - HTML , CSS , BOOTSTRAP , JS

Second Project : Portfolio - HTML , CSS , BOOTSTRAP , JS


Hi Everyone ,

This is my second project . It took me while to complete this project . In this project I have used HTML ,CSS ,BootStrap and bit of a JS . Please have a look at it and provide your feedback if you have a time . The link is Portfolio .

Thanks a lot


Looks nice. I would suggest that for the social media links at the top of the page, on smaller screens, turn them into centered, inline buttons with some margins so they aren’t stacked directly on top of each other and don’t take up the entire width. Or you could keep them all in line with each other and just remove the text and keep the icon, making each button smaller. Also, in the ‘About Me’ section, I would add a picture of yourself…it makes the page more personable.


Hi, this looks really good! The things I noticed were: all of your font is sans-serif except the menu buttons at the top of the screen. Maybe change the font on your buttons to match. There is also a small typo in your “Contact Me” section, where it says “reach out just my clicking any of these links.” Great job!


Thanks a lot sir !!!.. I will work on your suggestions and will make necessary changes …


Thanks a lot sir … Yaa correct typo is wrong and about font I will make those changes as well