Selecting form element

Selecting form element


Can we change the color appeared whenever your are selecting an element on form?

Here’s my codepen.

I want to customize the color showed whenever you are selecting something. For example this:


For some reason your uploaded screenshot is showing blank.


it is supposed to be blank… could you see the light blue selection color there? thats what I wanna customize…


Read about the focus pseudo-class, which should allow you to do what you want.


You should look for input, textarea, etc border-color on :focus state


Since you already have a form-control focus selector, you could simply use the border property and specify a width, border style, and color.


Thanks, I did it.

  box-shadow: none;
  border: 1px solid #23B6C7;


Out of curiosity, since the border you chose is just a little narrower than the border that would have been on it if you would not have specified box-shadow: none; for the same selector, did you just not like the wider border?


yeah… I dont really like the default box-shadow


Yeah you could take it out by also selecting the outline and styling it