SEO tool that really worked for You?

SEO tool that really worked for You?

Search engines try to give their users best results over the internet and in order to do that they create some special criteria to classify websites or web pages based on their relevance. Google ranks top in the world and its criteria for ranking website is the most complex one. tell me more about what SEO tools that really work for you in 2018.

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I know many important things for seo in 2018:
1.Unique and high-quality content
2.LSI keywords
3.Mobile version, AMP
4.Getting backlinks from high-quality sites (edu, gov , mil sites): guest posts,forums,comments,Q/A services, profilies.
5.Voice search
6.Rank Brain
You should to promote the site in a complex way using email marketing, SEM, SEO, SMM.

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