Separate GitHub repositories for every FCC project?

Separate GitHub repositories for every FCC project?


Is is better to have lots of different GitHub repositories for each of the projects completed in FCC or to have one that groups all of your smaller projects together?


I would definitely keep at least all the front-end projects in a single repo.


@ClimbinSheep I kept one repo for basic Javascript then added a new one when I started basic algorithm scripting.


Yes, put related projects all in one repo. You could put each project into its own folder, but that might not be necessary if you name your files wisely.


I put all of my FCC work into one repo. To keep it clean, I separated each section into folders (i.e. “basic-algorithm-scripting”, “intermediate-front-end-development-projects”, etc.).


So you save all the FCC challenges in GitHub as well, aside from the projects?


Out of interest, how does this work if you wanted to use GitHub Pages to show off your projects? I’m very new to all this (but am using GitHub instead of Codepen), but it seems that you need an index.html page for it to pick up what you’re doing and I assume you can only have one of those per repository?


Yeah, I have been saving my algorithm solutions and my regular projects into one repo. But that’s just personal preference. You could just do the finished projects instead.


If I remember correctly, you can only have one Github Pages project.


Aah that makes sense - so potentially set the project live and once checked etc, move it into its own folder and then rinse/repeat. Thank you!


You can have 1 GitHub page that acts like your ‘username’ page for your name, and unlimited projects… each has it’s own repo as far as I recall… you have to do a very specific branch naming for it to publish… something like gh-pages…

So if you are storing projects then many in one repo is fine but if you want to make a very basic webpage and use GitHub to publish it I think it’s one per repo…


Ah! I should always go to the source…

Shows how to create both the Userpage and multiple project pages.


Thanks Darren - that’s what I thought. For my Front-End projects I’ll keep things as separate repos. Once I move on to Full-Stack I may be able to combine them.


The topic is a bit old but after saving your codes on Github, you can deploy your projects on Heroku.