Should I master my CSS?

Should I master my CSS?


I finished font end already, but I just feel every part of my skill it’s really basic. I can’t create any amazing website, I looked some people they are from web design, they production just much more beautiful then me, I just feel should I master web design or something…


Designer or Developer, the more comfortable you are with CSS the better.


Hey @ArinWu I was like you when I first started CSS, I thought it was for designers! Actually by practicing you’ll eventually realise that app design is not just for “artists” but is really a matter of patterns and best practices to make your components & layouts nice and clean.

I recorded a few tutorials on Youtube to learn CSS by actually coding clean examples of CSS components or CSS layouts. Hope this can maybe help.

Keep the faith :muscle::muscle::muscle: and keep practicing CSS by trying to reproduce other design first & learn good design patterns. Good luck!


fcc frontend certificate course gives you some rather basic frontend knowledge imo
css is nice to know but when i get it i move to learning backend and react maybe practicing some css meantime, anyway you need react to do some pretty visual stuff


Depending on your interests and specialization, you can totally get by with a minimal knowledge of CSS.

Which skills do you want to invest your time in? Which skills do you want to master? At some point you must choose, focusing on the few and leaving the majority behind.