Should I Stay or Should I Go? - bye PHP hello worldJS

Should I Stay or Should I Go? - bye PHP hello worldJS


OK so for people in a similar situation and dilemma, please share your thoughts or suggest what do you think is a smarter choice and why? What would be future driven choice of language or whatever big change you might planned in 2017 just let me know if I think good to myself by are on the same page now, completely agree with you on using and choosing to work in open source environment, I have same disease. Considering Microsoft world what tools do you use often, what IDE, OS, Framework etc. I would share mine too.

Originally PHP developer over 10yrs, working on e-Commerce and web solutions in general, not so good in ASP.NET but used VS2015 on Academy C#, .net, EDM, ADO.NET some experience as well, try to follow today MVC trends from JS to PHP over ASP, still focusing on PHP for some reason and dilemma began recently when my colaegue started to persuading me that I should change languace as a general and start working in JS only to completely exclude PHP from my service and follow the trends to be up to date so I can do only basics in future when PHP is a choice.
So any advice from older developers would be much appreciated here, dilemma . Now reading again like I did for version 4 and 5 a PHP Framework of choice was Laravel but never enough time to put it on agenda constantly and by the time I finish some project and wanna continue reading, they changed syntax 2 times so, one must be getting older or just slow(self criticism :D), or maybe they just overlap the updates that I feed Laravel 5 is changing every day, I entered after 3 weeks of absence and could not find any root file at all, moved to some other location and now it’s not called router.PHP anymore hahahaha So I took new or last Documentation on Laravel development page and restarted read to see the changes and in few months me being absent totally complete syntax is different, huh this late night dilemma feelings just sucks more and more that I actually started to sniff around NodeJS, ExpressJS AngularJS, MongoDB and JS Frameworks or framework combination for full stack solutions like MEAN Stack but just not sure should I put an effort and go with that as a primal choice and ofc doing rest when needed by my clients.
I work on a open source Debian Linux OS as my choice with Composer LAMP and PHPMyAdmin with MySQL and Apache server as combination for most of my PHP work and also run MongoDB server, Git, NodeJS 6.9.4 not v7, NPM as package manager, Grunt, testing ATOM from Github guys and sending a lots of reports in order to help them fo make it better soon, Sublime Text 3 as my primary editor, Terminal ofc for debugging, Vim for coding, filling it up with WebSTORM IDE and and PHP Storm IDE for PHP driven projects and Laravel 5.3 and I bet if I don’t visit it 3 days it will go to Version 5.4 and I hope to have my file system more convenient or at least not running away from the original Version 5.1 but I bet they will change some fundamental stuff again and if they prove I’m right I’m probably done being up-to-date testing a different-same Framework every month and the pace this guys have sometime is just surreal even if I find 3h of free time a day…

Is it smart to completely abandon a PHP you used the most in your professional career and move on towards some new trends and scripting languages who are developing rapidly from day to day where everyday some new thing coming in a very forward-thinking-manner for a web development models and how it should work, behave and look in the days to come, what kind of server should spin it, what DB type is your choice and why? And whatever comes to your mind…