Simon Game! Play it! Review it! Simon Game!

Simon Game! Play it! Review it! Simon Game!


Link Here:

I was finally successfull in developing this game-webpage from scratch! All logic, Design,… everything by myself! Please play it and leave your valuable feedbacks! Thanks :slight_smile:

Link to the game :


Love the Pokéball design!

Found a bug – if there’s an error or it’s in between turns and the user quickly presses “start” multiple times, things go haywire.

There’s also a bug with the “strict” button when pressed during Simon turn.

Overall, I like what you’ve done!


Hi @ExcViral,
Looks, sounds and plays great. I like the speed of the Simon game (it suits me anyway).
I couldn’t seem to replicate the bugs @nkoutre found but maybe yo have fixed them or it just reacts differently on my machine (desktop PC),

I’ll ask the same question to you as I asked @nkoutre:

Did you learn everything you needed for this project on freeCodeCamp or did you have prior knowledge you could use?

The only reason I ask is that I’m inspired by what you and @nkoutre have done here. Thanks for posting.

I’m only at the WeatherApp and it’s pretty mindblowing for me to see what I may be potentially creating in the future.



Hi ExcViral
You seem to have the same trouble that I have, namely shutting down processes when hitting the Start button while it is running.


Hey guys, I just finished my Simon Game. Would love to have some feedback!