So just finished HTML and Bootstrap

So just finished HTML and Bootstrap


What should I do to practice and retain this skill? Using this website i mean. Its my 2nd day and i like it but still dont know my way around. any advice Thank you :slight_smile:


Start on your tribute page project. It’ll seem daunting at first, but these are the things that will really make it stick.


Put it in use. Challenge yourself to code very day even if it is just a little bit. Start small, but keep pushing your limits.


I found that coding in a different text editor helps a lot. Download atom (or the text editor of your preference), create a new file, and test yourself to see if you can create something that resembles the finished product from the HTML lesson. It doesn’t need to be an exact replica of the cat HTML page, but everything from the FCC lessons should be exhibited in whatever you decide to create.

If you find that you’re having trouble remembering how to create lists, for example, then refer back to the freecodecamp lesson for that particular piece of code until you think you can recreate it without looking.


You won’t really be able to retain this skill using solely this website. You can do the Tribute page and the Portfolio page challenge, however, just two projects will hardly be enough. What you should do is get on github, create a repository and start developing a webpage from scratch in your text editor ( my preference is Atom, but there’s plenty out there).

You can publish the created projects on your github-pages, which is basically free hosting. Through this process you’ll learn and practice developement in HTML and Bootstrap and CSS, as well as learn Git, which is super important and is a big bonus when applying to jobs. Iirc codecademy also has a Git course.

Bottom line, you’ll need a lot of “mock” projects to train your skills and develop them further. You’ll also create a nice portfolio along the way.


Project based learning aka learn by doing! :smile_cat:

If you get stuck, use google and ask others for help.


thank you guys. im enjoying this place and seeing responses are motivating. thank you again!


I just started too. I have done other website’s courses as well, and it helped because they cover some things that freeCodeCamp doesn’t and freeCodeCamp covers some things that those other site don’t cover… But you should definitely keep logging in to this one and using the forum. @PortableStick had great advice, start the project, and keep hacking away at it.

So my advise is use a variety of resources (sites, text editors, etc.) and do stuff with it (the projects are a good start).


thanks my friend. thats great advice. hows your progress coming?