So who likes Arctic Foxes?

So who likes Arctic Foxes?


Just wonderin’ cos I got an email from Mr Chance


I am in that as well


I think he looks dissapointed, like he’s looking in the mirror and he’s realised he’s in a funny little waistcote


When you dive RIGHT into a coding challenge/project.


Haha yes i saw that before on Planet Earth or Frozen Planet maybe… they’re funny


I guess I’m an Arctic fox too. I only started coding a couple of months ago but after reading that email I actually feel this sh*t just got real!


yup, that’s an actual photo of me before reading the chingu guide!


And there’s a game idea right there…

Mortal Combat Fur-ball edition


Are you crazy? Stop trolling!:rage:


nah not trolling mate, just a light hearted thread on a study group


@tropicalchancer all these study group intake posts are making me super duper jealous.

Any news on more spaces in the fox cohort? You’re doing a great job btw! (If I praise you more will you let me in?)


sending you a DM. :slight_smile:


Arctic Foxes, a hockey team right?