Social media & communications person

Social media & communications person


What does a Social media & communications person actually do?
I have a rough idea but imagine it doesn’t involve much coding.
I’m asking because one of my friends asked me if I wanted to do it for his company.


My cousin does it for an agency: it’s PR, so you manage reputation. You create propaganda, basically. You insert stuff into the media (FB/Twitter/Insta/Snapchat/trad media) relating to the company (if it’s for a single company) or on behalf of other companies (if it’s an agency).


not sure what the communications part would mean, but anything with social media general means maintaining the social media presence…writing posts, replying to to posts, building up the social media presence. usually under social media marketing.

But then, it could mean anything…ask for your friend what the job duties are, thats the only way you’ll really know what he expects you to do. But yeah, its not a development role at all, social media falls under marketing and perhaps customer relations (which may be where the communication thing comes into play)


So it’s content writing basically?
Thanks for the reply :+1:


He said it involes 3 Wordpress sites 2 of which have e-commerce.


Yep, basically. It seems really interesting, but takes some practise and skill to do well I think, most good PR seems to be pretty quietly effective, almost invisible


Another yup…content writing basically.

Not sure what he would mean by, it involves 3 wordpress sites…he wants you to build them? Or he wants you to integreate social media on them? or…

Id really ask him for specific information on what he would like you to do with social media and the website. social media management, is a job in and of itself…building and maintaining a website is a completely different and unrelated job in and of itself.


I would think that you could leverage some coding skills to help you. Those social media accounts all are using scripts for auto-following, automated and scheduled posting, cross-account management, looking like a real person, etc. Mostly it’s PR and marketing.


Corporate propaganda! Yay!


Unfortunately it’s getting more and more important. To be fair to my friend I think he works for a charity or health organisation.
One site is a gift shop for the charity.