[solved] Is includiing Bootstrap comlicated?

[solved] Is includiing Bootstrap comlicated?


I’m building my own website in Brackets now.
In CodePen we just clicked the button and the link went into the CSS settings window.
But how would I go about this in my index.html?

I thought I should include in the < head> tag as a < link>
So I went to the BootStrap site and there’s all this Bower and Grunt stuff going on and now I’m confused.


There are many ways to get things like that done. As a beginner you’re definitely looking to go the “include in <head>” way, just follow the “Bootstrap CDN” part at https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/getting-started/download/. You’ll know when and how to use package managers and compile SASS soon enough.


thanks for the link @TomaszGa.
the link tag goes in hte < head> bu the < script> tag goes before the close of the body right?


That’s right, and scripts for dependencies (jquery and popper) go before the main bootstrap js file


oh ok.
thanks for clearing that up for me