[solved] Portfolio - boostrap rows

[solved] Portfolio - boostrap rows


I am working on my portfolio and I’m trying to get the thumbnail-links for my projects page to show up in a 3x3 grid, much like the 2x3 grid they use for the projects page in the sample portfolio page here https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/YqLyXB . I’m not sure what I did wrong and my grid is out of control. Here is a link to my portfolio http://codepen.io/gotbassoon/pen/rjjdGV.
If anyone can point me to a document or has any advice I would be ever so grateful.


Here’s the documentation, which is really helpful. You need to put the row divs in a container or container-fluid, div (<div class = "container">).


Exactly what I needed, many thanks @aoganezo :slight_smile: