Standars for images on web

Standars for images on web


Hello everybody! I’m Guss, a new one here!
I was wondering where I can find information about image requirements nowadays because when I studied web design a few years ago we had to pay an important attention not only on the image size (height or width) but also on its depth or format, like pixels per inch or what JPG’s or GIF’s were used for.
I’ve seen that you can become an image responsive using a bootstrap property but I’m not sure how effective this is if we think in its time performance to be loaded. Also I consider the fact that Internet speed has increased but how much we have to care about resizing pictures with bitmaps editors.
So what do you think about this? Which considerations do you take?
Thank you very much


Read up on media queries. For example,


Here is an article that has good information on many aspects of using images on the web. Image Compression for Web Developers