Stel's Portfolio needs a review

Stel's Portfolio needs a review


Hi everyone, I just finished my portfolio and I’m so excited because I’ve claimed my first freeCodeCamp certificate.
Please have a look at it and give me your feedback.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Some of the things I wrote are not true and the picture I used too is a bit weird.:joy::joy:
I wanted the project to look like something I could use in real life.


First of all, congrats on the first cert, thats awesome! I love your portfolio I think it looks stylish, yet warm and inviting. Responsiveness works well, and I think bringing the contact box up with your social media info and having a picture of yourself as the welcome-section is brilliant and works great. There are three things I noticed. First, on the larger desktop view, there appears to be a double overlap of some black opacity after you. Second, the hover effect for the download CV effect should probably be toned down a bit because it looks awkward when hovered given that CV stacks right-aligned under download, which looks off. Finally, I’d add hover effects to the launch buttons near the portfolio pieces. Again, awesome job overall!


Hey Stella,
looks great, good job!


  • the scale(1.3) in the navbar is so big, that it makes the navbar go higher
  • in my opinion, the padding of the navbar links is a little bit so low
  • there is no visual feedback for hovering over clickable elements (personal links, launch, images)
  • the image stel_crop_2.jpg is 1.2MB big. You can resize it and use gulp-imagemin


I don’t see the CV stacked under the download. Could you a picture or elaborate more?
Thanks a lot.:sweat_smile:


The new hover fixed it from last change. So you are all good.


Do you know what’s causing the overlapping after the “you”? When I remove the “you”, the overlapping still occurs at “meet”.


So, after looking at it for a little bit, it appears that the error is occuring because on the codepen html panel you have \<section class="me" id="me"> <h1><span>HELLO. NICE TO MEET YOU<span></h1>, you did not close the span tag after that started before hello and was intended to end at you. As a result, and after using inspect element and the developer tools built into apparently the browser interprets it this way <span>HELLO. NICE TO MEET YOU<span></span></span> which is why you have the overlap.


wow…I never noticed. That’s brilliant.
Thanks once again.:sweat_smile:


Great portfolio page, couldn’t find any mistakes with it. Keep it up and congratulations on your first freeCodeCamp certification.


beautiful. how long have you been learning css and js?


Not very long. I learnt everything here at freecodecamp. it’s just that I always try to make my project look like something I would do for a client and also the people here at freecodecamp help by reviewing it and giving suggestions that would make it even more beautiful.:sweat_smile:


looks really good … how long it took u to build it… and have you taken the other classes(JS)…before u worked on your portfolio … its… quiet impressive …keep it up…


Thanks for your feedback. I took me about 5 days and yes I did part of the JS classes before working on it.:sweat_smile:


nice one Stella , You have really done well


Visual feedback when clicking the buttons to Github, Linkedin etc. would be very user-friendly


Thanks a lot for your feedback. What kind of visual feedback do you think would be cool? :sweat_smile:


The color of your icons is white
I would change it to your accent color,
e.g. for hover #47D4EB

For active, I would go a little bit darker.