Stop donations. How?

Stop donations. How?


I donate monthly via credit card. (NOT PayPal) Neither in the user-dashboard nor at my credit card company is the possibility to stop the donations. I already send a message but haven’t heard anything yet. I read the post from Quincy of how to stop. But maybe we have two different dashboards…
I really like FCC and I would like to recommend doating, but please improve the UI concerning quitting.
What should I do now?


If your donation was via PayPal, you can cancel the payments through them. If the donations are direct to the credit card via Stripe, unfortunately the Stripe API only allows the account admin (@QuincyLarson ) to cancel “subscriptions”. You can email [email protected] to request that your donations be cancelled. I suggest putting something clear as the subject line as Quincy gets thousands of emails a day at that account and may try to be more efficient by sorting/filtering them by concern.

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