STUCK on advanced algorithms

STUCK on advanced algorithms


The frustration is real. Part of me wants to soldier on and grind through and another part of me wants to start building the advanced projects (especially JS calculator) as a creative outlet. I’ve hardly been able to solve a single intermediate/advanced algorithm so far without having to at least look for some hints or tips. Having said that though, my understanding of programming in general is slowly finally starting to take shape, and it shows in the algorithms that I do manage to solve on my own. Finally starting to think of JavaScript in a more object oriented way as opposed to simply just merely individual variables/loops/functions.

Anyway, just a small rant but I know this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten since day 1… One step at a time.

Anybody else stuck? Feel free to post here to vent out your frustration and hopefully we can help motivate each other.


If starting to work on the parts of the projects you’re ready for helps keep you motivated and interested, go for it!


Confession time:

I still have most of the Advanced Algos to finish (from over a year ago!!)

Every time I sit down to do one I think about it for a few minutes, crank out some very naive code, and then think “oh, stuff it - I’m gonna build something instead!”


I’ve really been taking a break from learning to contribute to freeCodeCamp Guides project among some personal projects of mine. I do plan on going back and finishing the certifications (including algos) between this October and December.


I got front end cert today but still have 3 advanced algorithms unfinished, if it demotivates you just do what you want to do you can always come back and finish those algorithms later.


I like algorithms a lot, but I got stuck for a couple of days on one of them. Drove me up the wall it did. I think what you should do when you get stuck and frustrated is take a break, calm down and refresh your mind a bit OP. It’s hard to think clearly if you feel like throwing your laptop through the window.


I have a degree in CS, have taken courses on algorithm design and analysis, and work full time as a JavaScript developer… and I had to start the Smallest Common Multiple over again on three different days. Don’t feel bad about getting stumped!