Submitting a project

Submitting a project


Hi I was wondering whether I can submit the project as a github pages link, instead of a codepen app. For the two first projects I have done, for the responsive web design certification, the github pages link was submitted successfully. Will I have a problem at the end when i ll finish will all the projects and try to take the certification?
Thank you.


I don’t think you would have problem at the end when you have submited all projects by github pages if there is a problem you could easily transfer them to codepen. Besides that it’s good to learn git and github, it could help you build your resume when your searching for jobs.

If you want to learn git here is good tutorial it’s in english by the way
I hope i answared your question.


The requirements are that the project must be live and the source code must be public. This could include GitHub Pages associated with public repositories.


Hi thank you for your replies. I will continue to submit with github pages and change to codepen if anything goes wrong.
@yousef_040 Thank you very mush for the tutorial. I have already experience with git. I got the Udacity Nanodegree in Front End Web Development this August. I have already my previous projects in github and I prefer working there instead of codepen :slight_smile: