Subtract One Number from Another with JavaScript

Subtract One Number from Another with JavaScript

I’m new to coding and I’m stuck on substraction exercise below.
Where by you need to replace 0 with a number such that the difference is 12. I replaced 0 with 23 but still got one error ’ 45 should be substracted with one number’
Help !!!

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var difference = 45 - 0;

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change the 0 so the difference is 12

It’s not asking you to do anything except change the 0 in the sum so that the sum is correct. You don’t need to do anything except change that one number

I already did that. One error is solved, remaining one. Its substraction not sum

Output verified, I got the required result.

hey can you help me for fix this problem :smiley:

I feel what you feel , please help me

Hey there, have you tried replacing the 0 with something else?

I already put the number 0

The 0 is the only part of the challenge that HAS to change.

var difference = 45 - 0;

and the number that should go there INSTEAD is something that when you subtract it from 45, equals 12

It’s 33 -45= 12