Sum all Fibonacci numbers challenge froze

Sum all Fibonacci numbers challenge froze


My Fibonacci challenge froze for some reason and I cant seem to make it function. The page just gets frozen,and I cant make anything on the page work. All the other challenge pages seem to be working. Any way to help me with that?
This is, after all, one of the challenges necessary for the Front End Development Certificate,so I would like to finish it and see it done :slight_smile:
Do you need any more info concerning that ? Have any idea what might be wrong? Is there a problem with my browser or something wrong with the page ?



You have created either an infinite loop or infinite recursion.
FCC uses an infinite loop protection, but it can’t catch every case.
The reason that your browser crashes every time you try to load the challenge is because the code in your editor automatically runs. Try disabling auto run.
Another option is to clear the challenge data from your browser cache.