Survey Form project, nee your feedback please

Survey Form project, nee your feedback please


Hi there, I build the second Survey Form
Could you give me review about it?? really appreciate it…


This is amazing. I love it! And it is also responsive

It is perfect; as for me, I can’t figure out any issue/query.

You have really tried sincerely!


its nice, looks a little weird when the screen width is less than 770 though. Your comments textarea is also pretty interesting, i can increase its width but i cant decrease it


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: , may I know what browser do you use? In my chrome it’s weird in the responsive mode…


Thanks for your feedback, may I know what browser do you use to open it? You said it’s interesting, so is it unconvenient for you to unable decrease the width of textarea?


im using chrome, and i mean i literally cant reduce the width of the textarea even if i wanted to


I used chrome. BTW, I only resized the browser on PC. Maybe that’s why it is responsive (bigger than phone’s screen).


I checked using my mobile phone now, everything is perfect. I mean responsive!


I think you should make some hover effect on button. It will make the button more intuitive
And about the label tag, personally, I think it’s a bit too standout in comparison to the part needed to fill in.
I guess you want to emphasize them, but to me it’s a bit strange.
Usually in form that label note/explanation part would be smaller and less standout than the main part


It looks really nice! The only thing is that the sentences with the grey background could be a bit more visible I think…at least myself I have to make a slight effort to read them. How about increasing the contrast?