Survey Form - what do you think?

Survey Form - what do you think?


Would appreciate your feedback or criticism on code and design.

Thanks :smiley:


This is amazing! So much thought and effort must have went into this


I like it, well done.


Not sure I understand why the background changes just because the screen width drops below a certain size, but I suppose you have your reasons.

If you shrink the browser width enough, you will see the following which looks odd. The โ€œRate your overall experience of the game:โ€ should not be to the right of the options in my opinion.


@Purplesulfur Indeed. Even some simple stuff took me few hours to figure out XD. But in the end, it was worth it as I managed to build exactly what I had in my mind.

Thank you for the feedback :smiley:

@marco3islas Thanks. Glad you liked it.


Original background was looking too blurry so, I decided to change the background for low width devices.

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed it.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Really appreciate it :smiley: