Survey page feedback

Survey page feedback


Finally got around to doing my first FCC project. This time it is all original, not just the code but also the design. The most tedious bit I must say was the optimization. The github version is optimized, it did very well on google page speed insights. The codepen version is more reader friendly. Please let me know what you think.


woooah, that’s very original form design, I love it!!
There’s only one thing, if you allow me, I would like to change: the width you set (80vh) when the viewport gets narrow. Maybe setting it to 100vh when the screen’s width is <= 480px (for example) with a media query.


0Thank you, I reset my lowest break point to <=480px as you suggested. I agree this looks much better.


When the device width gets below 480px, you have a horizontal scrollbar appear. If it is totally responsive, you will not have the horizontal scrollbar at any device width.


I Fixed the responsiveness issue