Tell me if my CV needs improvement (please)

Tell me if my CV needs improvement (please)



If you don’t mind, could you look at my CV and give me some advice on how I can improve it?

Since uploading pdf files is forbidden, here is a link via droplr:

I’m changing careers. I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language overseas for over 9 years so up until now my CV is full of English related credentials and experience.

Thanks for your support.


There’s a typo in your intro (“trustworthly”).
You repeat yourself in your intro (“achieving goals of clientele” vs “achieve goals of clients” is saying the same thing).
Page 2: usage of inconsistent verb tense (learned materials should be used instead of “learning materials” because you “designed and created…”).
I picked up these errors just with a quick glance so there are possibly other errors. A CV should be proofread, especially if your background involves teaching English.


Thanks. I fixed the typos. (I kept “learning” though)


Yes, learning materials makes sense now that I read it again. I thought you were learning materials. Ha.