Templates or no

Templates or no


I am trying to start a project just basic HTML CSS. I have been looking up alot of code and styling references, and from time to time I run across. Articles about templates. As a beginner, is it easier to manage using template? Just to see and feel the flow of the code? Or should I be focused on bare bones?


Using templates is fine, although instead of copying the whole template I would do it line by line and see what sort of difference each line does, just to build up your knowledge a bit.



you should be able to write out a html page without using any template without breaking a sweat. I would say you only use template if and only if you could easily write out a html page from scratch.


You should be familiar with most of the common CSS use case and property such as selecting class, id, importing font style, transform, media queries,flex properties and so on. If you don’t understand them, experiment with them, do some trials and error until you could build a basic CSS project from scratch. From that point it might be time efficient to quick start a project with template or CSS framework like bootstrap.

You must know how to build a HTML page from scratch. Do not use template if you can’t.

You might or might not want to dive deep in CSS depends on your goal, but a basic understanding is a must. It will be pointless if you can’t even modify the layout and styles of the page.


If you are a beginner I suggest you to write your own code - thats the way to learn it. Code in templates can be confusing.