Tests don't run properly

Tests don't run properly


Whenever I choose the option ‘Run the Tests’ after writing the code, nothing happens. If there’s something wrong with it then please fix it. Even for the simple hello world code, ‘Run the Tests’ option doesn’t work.

Why wont it let me go to the next lesson?

I am experiencing same: Run Tests button never returns result

I have tried this on two pages and both never come back from running the test (10 min and counting). The bottom right pane just says, “// running test”




Same here, specifically with the Javascript Profile Lookup challenge. If I try to run it with something basic (like console.log(‘hi’):wink: it runs no problem (though obviously does not mark the challenge as completed). Then when I drop in my actual code, as follows, nothing happens…

for (i = 0; i < contacts.length; i++) {
if (name = contacts[i].firstName) {
return contacts[i][prop];
} else {
return ‘No such property’;
} else {
return ‘No such contact’;

Oddly, I have completed a couple of other earlier challenges today and did not have this problem with them. Just with this one.


Without the ‘Hint’ button, I can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or if there are bugs causing some tests not to run properly. As Paul said, I completed several earlier without a problem. Some I am almost 100% positive they are correct and it still comes back with an error.


Same issue with three seperate tests. This is very upsetting as it has completely stalled my study and disrupted my study timeline.

Edit - I can safely say that this is the case with all tests. I’ve tried 10 seperate tests and all are failing at the //running test stage.

I study on my work laptop… could my outdated browser be the problem. I’m running firefox 38.1.0


I’m having the same problem - exercise gets to the //running test stage but doesn’t really do anything. This is very frustrating as I’m completely stalled.

Don’t see any solutions here - has anyone been able to resolve this?


Hallelujah! I just switched from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome and now my tests run!

Hopefully this will help someone else with this problem - try changing your browser.


I only wish I could… My work computer is locked so I can’t install other browsers. Glad this has worked for you though.


I use Chrome and it still doesn’t work sometimes. I have bunch of challenges incomplete because of that…


I just wanted to note that I’m also having this issue - I’m running the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Whenever I click “Run the Tests” the console box changes to ‘//running test’ and then stays that way.

Chrome may or may not have this issue, however I cannot tell because freecodecamp.org refuses to load on Chrome and always comes back with a timed out error, saying the website can’t be reached.


I’m having the same issue here…I can’t get past first challenge and it appears code is correct. The page just sets there after selecting “run the test” with no result. Installed chrome with no avail. Any suggestions?