Text not wrapping like I want it to in my unordered list element

Text not wrapping like I want it to in my unordered list element


I was wondering if anyone had any insight why my text is wrapping under the actual text instead of all the way back to the bullet point. I’m using an unordered list element. The code is below.

  <li><strong>1856:</strong> Born on the plantation of James Burroughs in Hale's Ford, VA.</li>
  <li><strong>1872:</strong> Attended Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute located in Hampton,VA.  He studied academic subjects and agriculture and graduated with honors in 1875.</li>
  <li><strong>1881:</strong> Established the Tuskegee Normal School for Colored Teachers (now known as Tuskegee University) on July 4.   </li>
  <li><strong>1882:</strong> Married his first wife, Fannie N. Smith, in the summer. They would have a daughter, Portia M. Washington, before she died in 1884. He also purchased a 100 acre plantation and began building on the property.  The property became the permanent location for the school and would eventually grow to nearly 2,300 acres at the beginning of the 20th century.</li>
  <li><strong>1884:</strong> Married his second wife, Olivia A. Davidson, who was a teacher and assistant principal at Tuskegee.  She would give birth to their two sons Booker T. Jr(1887) and Ernest Davidson(1889) before dying in 1889 of tuberculosis.  </li>
  <li><strong>1893:</strong> Married Margaret James Murray.  She would eventually die in 1925.</li>
  <li><strong>1895:</strong> Gave the <a href="http://www.blackpast.org/1895-booker-t-washington-atlanta-compromise-speech"> "Atlanta Compromise"</a> speech at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia.</li>
  <li><strong>1896:</strong>  Awarded an honorary master's degree from Harvard University</li>
  <li><strong>1900:</strong> Founded the National Negro Business League (NNBL) in Boston, Massachusetts in 1900 with the support of Andrew Carnegie.  The mission of the NNBL was to “to promote the commercial and financial development of the Negro.”  </li>
  <li><strong>1901:</strong> Invited to the White House by President Theodore Roosevelt, becoming the first African American that was invited.  Awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Dartmouth University for his contributions to American society.</li>
  <li><strong>1915:</strong> Died at age of 59 in Tuskegee.  He was buried by the University Chapel on the campus of the university.  At the time of his death Tuskegee's endowment was over $1.5 millon </li>


Maybe there is a mistake.
What is “</ui>” ? Unordered list use <ul>. It can make your text not warp the way you like.


Maybe you should use bootsrtap in <div> element to make your text warp the way you like.