Thank you FCC! It worked :)

Thank you FCC! It worked :)

That’s great, I’m no happy for you and glad you aren’t re-locating!

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Glad to see you back here, Meryem.

Yeah, the story is really inspiring, too!


Awesome! I am thrilled that you were able to stay in your current city without having to relocate with a newborn.

Go to meetups! Volunteer to work on projects that are over your head!

This is great advice.

Congratulations on your new job. Thank you for sharing your journey so far with us.


Congrats man!!

Is that

Yup! They’re great! They work in lots of local projects

This has inspire me to continue learning and build more project. Currently Volunteering to build project management system for my Department in the University, My Goal is to get a remote job before the end of the year 2019


Awesome man congratulations, I love hearing these stories of success.

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Congratz man! This is very inspiring for everyone and hearing this motivated me greatly too. I feel happy for you! :smiley:

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This inspire me. Thank you and congratulations. :clap:

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That’s great, congratulations. Inspire me to keep going as well.

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Congratulations, way to go. The number of resume is crazy, but woot woot it all worked out. :+1:

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Yeah, super inspiring! Glad to see you’re back and sticking with it. What are you working on these days?

It’s good to have you with us.

Yes - it’s all about putting yourself out there. This is a high number of applications, but not unusual. It is to some extent a number’s game.

You might enjoy this article by someone from the freeCodeCamp community who applied to nearly 300 jobs and toward the end, got 8 job offers. Really helpful perspective:

I felt like applying for jobs was more a ritual, to help me consistently evaluate where I was and how I was progressing.

Truth be told, nether of the offers I got were because of a resume, but instead connections from networking and working on projects with experienced devs! Once someone knows you can work, then they will find you a job!

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Awesome stuff! Congrats on getting the job.

Definetly going to check out Meetup after this.

I’d also check for local slack channels, too!

Thanks for sharing the inspiration and the journey to get there!

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Congrats and thanks for the inspiration

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Congratulations on new job and great achievement after tons of hard work

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And thanks for the inspiration.
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