Thank you Oliver!

Thank you Oliver!

Hello All,

Just a quick post to say:

thanks to Oliver Eyton-Williams(@ojeytonwilliams) :pray: :tada: !

Oliver has been instrumental in fixing bugs on the learning platform that affected the general security of the platform. Recently we received a couple security reports.

He was very quick in resolving a XSS vulnerability in the flash messages and helping us audit and fix a CSRF vulnerability in some of our routes.

We are sincerely grateful for his hard work. Please join us in thanking and congratulating him on his efforts.

P.S: Here is our security policy. If you find any similar bugs , please report responsibly by sending us an email at:

Oliver, you are the man.

You come up all the time in discussions about the code base.

We really appreciate everything you’re during to improve the codebase and make the site even more secure.

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You’re the best @ojeytonwilliams! Thank you for all of your help with this, and for everything else you do around the code base.

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Hi everyone. Thanks for the kind words, they are very much appreciated!

It seems to me that right now it’s pretty crucial that the site is up and running smoothly. It’s great to have been able to help with that.


Just saw this topic. I agree that Oliver has made some critical contributions over the past couple of weeks. Great job!