Thanks FCC - I got my first job as a front-end developer!

Thanks FCC - I got my first job as a front-end developer!


It’s posts like these that give me hope.


Minimum set seems to be: HTML, CSS, Javascript (= FCC syllabus)


Sweet!! Congratulations!


Great job! I hope I can become a front-end developer soon too!


Congratulations. Its good to see self taugh people getting somewhere.


u rock. Thanks for taking the time to share


Thanks so much for sharing your story! It’s posts like this that keep me focused and determined. I too will be a developer some day. Congratulations on your success!


Awesome post and awesome community. I feel that I’m exactly where I want to be. As someone who has done several previous jobs that I didn’t even care about, I know how much uncomfortable that can feel. It really gives me joy and motivation when I read stories like yours. We are all in this for many good reasons. My best advice for anyone who is just starting out is to focus on the reasons why you want to break into web development. The road is steep but we as a community we back each other up to make things easier.

I wish you all the best in your new job, Lupe. Remember to keep sharing with us all the important things you’ve learned in the process.


Really helpful to hear about your journey, thanks for sharing


Great Job @gcamacho079! Congrats! The portfolio looks great. I also like that band page.


Thank you for sharing these, I’m still on my journey with FCC and hoping for the best ahead. Enjoy this new path.


Congratulations!!! :star_struck: Thats unbelievably awesome very happy for you and to hear the news. Your writing is very nice and organize i can only imagine how beautifully organized your code is! Very cool and thank you for posting all of this and your comments about the interview process its very kind and helpful of you. Hope you do great in your future endeavors! Have a great night and have fun at your job!


Many Congratulations! I’m just starting as a 28 year old Chemical Engineering Graduate. I also graduated in 2014 and was on a job for 3 and half years. Now that I quit from the job and want to be a programmer. Thanks much for the inspiring writeup. Wish all the best for your future endeavors. :grinning:


Ahh your story inspires me!


Congrats! I saw on your portfolio that you’re based in Portland! My partner and I are going to be moving there in a few months from the Midwest. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on what the programming job market is like there? What resources did you use to look for positions to apply to?

Thanks :slight_smile: !!!


Awesome, future welcomes to Portland! :balloon: :fireworks: The programming market is pretty good here. I actually jumped back into the job market last month and was able to snag a brand new front-end position within a week of submitting resumes, so it’s not a slow market by any means.

A few resources:

My most recent job hunting success was with ZipRecruiter, so I’d give that a try if you haven’t already. :ok_hand:


That’s awesome news :slight_smile: Thanks for your time!


I like your website. simple yet appealing.


Muchas felicidades LUPE!!!
Que orgullo para ti saber que estas llegando tan lejos!

Podrias poner un update de como te esta yendo en tu trabajo?



Hey I have a question i know my projects and my website looks good(I really am not trying to sound like i am boasting ) but my problem is that no company checks out my website due to my resume does not show enough experience I was wondering did you have any work experience to put on your resume? Or maybe did you put a description of your projects to show your experience? Hope to hear from you.