Thanks FCC - I got my first job as a front-end developer!

Thanks FCC - I got my first job as a front-end developer!
  1. Ah, good to know: the command line option is immediately accessible from any machine, guaranteed (makes sense since it’s the command line, the terminal, after all, but for some reason I didn’t see the availability implication).

  2. Yeah, sorry, I actually use Notepad++ for code (still way too much of a n00b to use an IDE!); I’d mentioned Windows’ Notepad by way of emphasizing the extreme degree of simplicity possible.

  3. So in what use-cases could Jekyll possibly make sense?? Sorry if I seem all obtuse and “dunder-headed” here but my imagination fails me (again!)…I just can’t see what’s solved by having to install and learn Markdown and learning to install Ruby and RubyGems and then learning and installing Jekyll…

Thanks again!


If you intent to have a content heavy site, like a blog, Jekyll makes sense, especially if you don’t want or need the complexity of a CMS and databases.

If you are creating front-end apps (like most of my github repo), then Jekyll doesn’t really help.

Here is some reading on the perks of Jekyll:

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Super – another reference; I love references!!

Never even knew that was a thing…static site generator??? Wow!

One final question, please: so is it possible to have a static portfolio site showcasing dynamic web apps?

I ask 'cause to my way of thinking, the webpages themselves are static so as they are “containers” for the web apps – which are dynamic by definition, right? – this should be impossible.

But then again, maybe web apps “run on their own,” “independent” of their “webpage-containers” – right? – which is maybe how something like Google Maps first got started way back when, back in the days of static-y Web 1.0 (IIRC!!)…



Congratulations (I know, it’s only a year later)! I just came back from visiting a friend in Portland a few days ago. I enjoyed reading your post and all the excellent advice you provided. It’s encouraging to know that you stuck with it (even after taking a few weeks/months off)…and eventually you picked up where you left off and still met your objectives. Nice job!

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Wow! I really enjoyed hearing about your experience. It’s great motivation to keep me going. Congratulations and good luck with your first job. :grinning:

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This is awesome and motivating, good luck :wink:


That article is really amazing!