The Best Udemy Web Development Courses + Top Free Courses

The Best Udemy Web Development Courses + Top Free Courses
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Andrew mewd is great


Rob might have co-written some of it, but the presentation is all Andrew.


thanks i’ll check it out. i just purchased his js course. gonna give that a shot first


Thanks for the suggestion.


Anything on Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow by Brad Schiff???


SchuarZmuller is amazing. I can pair him with Anthony Alicea ando Colt on their ability to explain things and .and make their classes flow organically.


you mean Maximilian Schwarzmüller? :slight_smile:


I think Brad Traversey’s style is useful if you kinda know what you’re doing. His style is mostly coding along, but he’s also really good about telling you exactly what he’s doing (kinda like Max, without the heavy accent).


He can easily be paired up with these instructors


Id have to say grinders course on react was not beginner friendly AT ALL. I stopped on the youtube API after he was not explaining anything. His ES6 course and node are great but his first stuff is garbage. Andrew Mead was amazing for a react rookie and I high recommend it after buying both.


Oh, thank you very much for your course. I have not seen such a full course to study for a long time. Now I need to learn.


I did andrie zero to mastery and jonas schmedtmann advance css courses. I found jonas course very exciting and helpful. I recommend it to all, who want deep understanding of css. Andrie course is somewhat an overview of all the technologies but it is helpful too.
Next I had decided to take jonas JavaScript course but after reading reviews above I decided to take Andrew Mead modern JavaScript course instead.


This is a great thread that includes much useful information! thanks, guys!


I really like Traversy. He has helped me a lot because you know FCC doesn’t really explain a lot of things very clearly ether. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with copying code as long as it’s a little explained. Anyhoo Javascript understanding the weird parts is phenomenal, it really make you understand JS and why it makes perfect sense.


what about his updated course?


I found another great guide that shares some great free courses and certifications for beginners. Links are in the guide: 8 Free Web Development courses