The Essential Web Developer Course (Free)

The Essential Web Developer Course (Free)
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It’d be cool to have a pinned post of some kind, with different resources based on how they present their materials.

Personally, the FreeCodeCamp/Codecademy model is my favourite, but I do at times prefer video learning. I also have been enjoying working through the “Learn Python The Hard Way” book. Spicing things up with different methods of learning helps keeps things interesting, and also reinforces what I already know in different settings.


Calculus class finally over… A- , I’ll take it!
Heading right back to the tutorial after working the weekend.


Thank you guys for sharing the Upskill links. I’m done with 29% percent of the tutorial and like so many of you I’m also worried about Ruby for the backend but being a newbie and this being my first frontend and backend tutorial I’m not complaining.
Looking forward to learning and sharing with you on this media. Cheers!


Looks like a fantastic resource. Just a shame they are teaching Ruby, which is a pretty niche language in my country.


Almost 70%, got to deploy to Heroku. This is just the first deploy, many more features to come.
If you want to see what it looks like, here is my link
And the source on my GitHub account…

I am currently working in the contact_form branch, should be merging again with the master branch in the next few lessons.
If nothing else, you get to learn Git and GitHub! I am going to rewatch the videos just to take notes when done.
If this Rob Dey had a tutorial for JavaScript, I might make a ton more progress on FCC !


Still have to figure out why the pages are not responsive.
New problem, videos missing after lesson #94. (Solved, was a browser issue … adobe flash)


It’s a good course if you want to get the basics of full stack apps using Ruby on Rails. Just note that the last stage says “more content coming soon” and i know that it hasn’t been updated since i completed it back in April


yes, abosolutely fantastic!
this plus Colt Steele and Anthony Alicea’s courses is all I need. Plus, the coding interview bootcamp + contibuting to open source projects.

sorry caps!


thanks for the link, i will check their css section because i wish fcc gave us more theory on it


This is a good course . I also completed it in Dec 2017.