The Fall and Rise of Code Radio

The Fall and Rise of Code Radio

Code Radio is an internet radio station run by the freeCodeCamp community. We play music designed to help you focus while you're coding.

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Could freecodecamp radio make a “submit song” button? I am a real fan of crowdsourcing.

Yay! The post is right. There was a silence and a void. Glad you’re back up and running. Anyway you can add the link to the freeCodeCamp home page so we can easily find it?

I’m so glad you guys have decided to carry on with Code Radio it helps me so much with productivity. I have been looking for it the last couple of days on YouTube.

The whole situation makes me think of an old quote of “never build your house on someone else’s foundations” at least now it’s truly yours. Here’s to many, many more hours of jamming to Code Radio :smile:

What could be more inspiring than this story??

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So glad this is back! definitely made my morning.

Allllmost panicked just now when I discovered the youtube radio down. THANK YOU for keeping the radio alive. Happy to donate just for this alone. Where to do so??

So happy about this! Do you have any plans on adding a chat to the station? Thanks FCC.

Yesssssss. Came here from Reddit after my weeks long search grew desperate. The various ‘lo-fi hiphop’ stations just were not cutting it for coding. Cheers…and keep on streamin’.


I love code radio, thanks for bringing it back - is it possible to bring back the !like !dislike controls and the chat? :wink:

I’m pretty sure unless I have serious deceiving memory that fish tank had fish in it and there was a fan on the table somewhere ;D