The first few Harvard CS50 videos are now live

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Thanks a lot. its will incrasing our knowladge even if we are from CS Degree from other university.

How does one enroll in this course? I watched the first lecture today and I would love to take the class with others on a one-lecture-per-week basis and complete the associated “homework” along with some other folks. Is there a way to do this, either through freecodecamp or another group?! Thanks @QuincyLarson for continuing to share resources, encouragement and support!

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For those of you who are interested in enrolment and certification for this course, you can sign up and complete the course via the website.

Good luck in your studies :blush:

Thanks, Quincy! I can see how it makes sense to have a “link probation”, good call.


Thanks, @QuincyLarson this is great!

I will be watching if after ending JS course :muscle:


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Scratch my first friend in coding world. (Real Hello World) now I code PHP and JS but the fundas are still the same. <3 : heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hi @andrewpaulyd, I singed up for this course by searching online learning Harvard (sorry, I apparently can’t post a link here since I’m new to FreeCodeCamp (tried, but couldn’t)), but you can easily find the course just by googling it.
I chose the free (no certificate path)…I started watching the first video today. Really like the guy. I will be going at at rather slow speed, since I’m doing also other things, but I think I should be able to do one lesson per week. I am interested in working together/supporting each other if we can figure out the way to do it.

I just bumped up your privileges so you can post the link now. (We get a lot of spam here, so pardon the spam countermeasure).

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Great! Thanks so much!!

@andrewpaulyd Here is a link to sing up:

Thank you @QuincyLarson or bumping my privileges, so I could post the link :slight_smile: !

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I watched the first CS50 video, and I was like… man… now I’m starting to understand, like arrhhhh… why didn’t I watch this 8 years ago. hahah!


I have CS50 course. i have taken it in edx website which covers all the basics of all programming languages. Thank You


@QuincyLarson - Video 9 is posted as [Private Video]

Thanks for letting me know - we initially post these as private while we’re finishing them, then set them to public. How were you able to see video 9 when it was listed as private?

Does CS50 focuses on any particular programming languages ?

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It was listed in the CS50 playlist, I thought it was erroneously posted as private, as video 10 is already visible in the playlist (as per image).

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This is amazing! I did CS50 a couple of years ago, and it is such an amazing experience. Doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or a solid coder, you will have fun doing it.
CS50G (or GD50) is also amazing, it is an introduction to game development, using Lua and Unity3d, for those who are interested.

This is amazing addition to FCC curriculum, I am so glad to see it.


Hi! I got to via the CS50 Youtube channel. Thanks!!

The links for the problem sets seem to have expired. Is there anyway to get them?

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Thanks for letting me know they expired. Are these working for you?

They are. Thanks! And thanks again for leading me to this amazing resource.
I’ve found this which seems to be more similar to what students attending the course may have seen:

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