The first few Harvard CS50 videos are now live

The first few Harvard CS50 videos are now live


Great! Thanks so much!!


@andrewpaulyd Here is a link to sing up:

Thank you @QuincyLarson or bumping my privileges, so I could post the link :slight_smile: !


I watched the first CS50 video, and I was like… man… now I’m starting to understand, like arrhhhh… why didn’t I watch this 8 years ago. hahah!


I have CS50 course. i have taken it in edx website which covers all the basics of all programming languages. Thank You



@QuincyLarson - Video 9 is posted as [Private Video]


Thanks for letting me know - we initially post these as private while we’re finishing them, then set them to public. How were you able to see video 9 when it was listed as private?


Does CS50 focuses on any particular programming languages ?


It was listed in the CS50 playlist, I thought it was erroneously posted as private, as video 10 is already visible in the playlist (as per image).