The Learning People (Code Intitute)

The Learning People (Code Intitute)


So i have been researching a lot lately and cant decide if i should go through with a boot camp or not.

Im based in London, UK so there are many of the popular boot camps that i cannot do, as the finance options only allow people from the USA.

I found one called “The Learning People” They state that you get a diploma thats backed by the University of Scotland (I think it was Scotland)

Anyway I have seen some bad reviews of these and when i started their Prep course i noticed it was from Code Institute. The fees are half that of “Flat Iron School” which is another they have here in London as well as good finance options.

Anyone heard of them? or even studied with them?

Thanks for the help

I’m starting with them in March 2020. Seems good to me. I know they have a huge connections with companies that hire their grads.

I also judge them on how pushy their sales staff on and I did throw a few spanners into the works to see how they would respond and it wasn’t like a pushy sales person.

People might be b*tching about the price but I guess it isn’t too much considering you learn full stack development, get full time support from tutors and so on.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.