The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course 2020 (udemy)

The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course 2020 (udemy)
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Decided to do another course by Colt Steele and I think I made a good decision.
About me: 9 months learning experience and currently doing the JS Algorithm sections on FCC.

I would like to recommend this course to everyone but particularly anyone who might be struggling with the FCC curriculum on freeCodeCamp. I was very lost and felt a little hopeless before I started taking this course. I needed a course that was just about Javascript and nothing else! This helped focus my learning and whenever there is a difficult part of the FCC curriculum that I am having trouble with I go and look at this course and it helps me get through. Another great thing about the course is the projects. It is very project oriented with plenty of projects in the second half of the course which makes it worth it even if you don’t do the first half of the course. Colt is a great teacher and the other teachers in the course are great too. They have a warm friendly teaching style that is great for beginners like me. You should be able to get this course for less than $15 so it’s totally worth it!

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for anything but I thought I should write this to assist anyone else who might be struggling a bit.

Happy Coding,