The SnowmanSpeaks YouTube Channel

The SnowmanSpeaks YouTube Channel


I’d like to give a shout out to a YouTube channel I’ve found. This guy is an experienced developer who is doing walk-throughs for all FCC challenges.

I’m sure many of you can relate to the feeling that your solutions, while acceptable in FCC’s eyes (ie they work), aren’t very elegant or efficient. Javascript is a big language with lots of features and FCC’s lessons only scratch the surface of its capabilities. This channel will show you how you could have solved that head-scratcher in a less awkward and less resource-demanding way using Javascript features that you may not have been exposed to quite yet.

As the goal should always be to improve and refine one’s skills, I’d strongly recommend checking your challenge solutions against this videomaker’s solutions as you complete them to see where improvement could have been made.

As always though, I’d recommend conquering the beast first before peaking at the answer. Enjoy!


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good post. thank you for sharing.


Thank you a lot for sharing this FCC video lesson. The guy talks logically and his speech is understandable and easy to comprehend, I love when work is done by professionals. When I write for I do my best, so customers could feel satisfied with the quality they get.