The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy Review

The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy Review
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Yet another person who has taken Colt Steele’s course; and also recommends it. I felt that the YelpCamp project seemed to run out of steam and finish a little prematurely: it would have been good to see a polished application at the end of the course. However, I think he does give a reasonable introduction to the areas covered, and provides enough of a kick start to enable further self-study.


I completed this course right around the time I was working on my last front end projects. It helped a ton, and it set me up nicely to start working on FCC’s back end certificate.

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Hi all,

Around a year ago I signed up to Colt’s Web Development Bootcamp course. My aim was to go through the course from beginning to end and to take detailed notes along the way. It was a LONG journey but I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I picked up so many skills and now feel confident developing web applications using Node.js

Shortly after the course I partnered with my brother (who is an automation test engineer) to set up a small business. Our idea was to come up with a course that teaches people the world of automation testing (sharing the skills he has learnt during his career) for a one off fee for lifetime access to 10 hours of detailed video tutorials using some of the most in demand automation testing technologies (Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber BDD, Apache Maven etc.)

I was responsible for developing the site and thanks to the Web Development Bootcamp, I was able to put my new skills to use.

I cannot recommend Colt’s course enough. You may find it challenging at times but all I can say is stick with it! The support is great, the lectures are clear and easy to follow and by the end of it you will have picked up skills that are invaluable.

Kind regards,



I’ve got this course on my Christmas list! To add to it, what courses have y’all found on Udemy for freelancing?


The course from Colt Steele is good and very understandable I try to buy it but the facilities is not there, reason is I don’t have a paypal or a credit card either , Paypal is not supported in my country Liberia and only working people really uses credit hope someone could buy it for out of good gestures and the God of programming will strengthen your knowledge


Hey…send me an email [email protected]
I may have some resources for you.

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This course is one of the best sellers on Udemy in web development section. I also have finished this course it’s perfect for beginners and for advance users. You can also enroll to this course by using Udemy Coupon for Web Developer Bootcamp then it will be free or with discount.

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I am in the middle of it and I can’t believe it went soo smooth!
I have taken a few notes on the topics I would like to have much more in depth knowledge, like responsive design and Javascript under the hood, which I believe Tony Alicea cover on a masterful level.
On that previous note, do you guys here recommend a supplemental course on responsive design? I want to work on building a clone of the OfferUp app, and I would need something to strengthen my knowledge on design skills and responsiveness



the idea is for you to build after you are done with YelpCamp on top of it, be it new functionality or use it as a template to clone it into another app, which is what I am doing.
I will use the YelpCamp to clone an OfferUp app.


Guys, Is it worth doing after the front end web certificate ? Or am I just going to review what I already know ?


I followed once Rob’s tutorials… all I can say it was… garbage. He doesn t even know programming enough for himself and he wants to teach others. He even struggled with html/css sometimes. All i saw was only bad practices.As a newbie you need to learn the right way to do things form the beginning otherwise u ll end up being a very bad developer. Stay away from Percival he s just an amateur.


I think so too that Tony Alicea is one of the best. He explains in depth and covers lots of weird stuff. I don t think I saw someone else explaining better than him.


who is better, COLT or Andrei Neagoie?


i want to know which framework/ library is used in this course (angular/react), i thought that react would be easy for begineer?
if someone want to learn MERN then is it the right course to go because it already has node,mongodb and express.


None of the front-end frameworks are covered in Colt Steele’s “The Web Developer Bootcamp” course, although he does use Node.js, MongoDB, and Express in the YelpCamp project at the end of the course. React is only covered in Colt Steele’s follow-up course “The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp”.

I’m currently taking The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp but it’s not as good as the previous course, and would be hesitant to recommend it. If you want to learn React from a course on Udemy, I’d recommend either Andrew Mead’s or Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s (I’m doing Andrew Mead’s which is very good, and have heard good things about Schwarzmüller’s).

Btw, you should know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ES6/ES2015 very well before learning any of the front-end frameworks, no matter which one (whether it’s Angular, React, or Vue).


Original poster here. neither. He does have another one he sets you up nicely for the advanced web developer bootcamp… but you need to know the fundamentals first which this post does well for you.

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Original poster here. I just bought both of these courses. Im going to take both of them and in a few weeks I will write another review and write out my thoughts.

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excellent, meanwhille i bought Andrei’s :slight_smile:


which one is better according to you?