The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy Review

The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy Review
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I paid $17 for mine, but could have waited and paid $10, like you said. However, I do not feel bad about the $17, as this course is worth many times that, lol.



Man, get started! It’s worth it:)



I took Colt’s course after finishing Free Code Camp’s basic algorithm challenges. I spent a solid month there before beginning the projects here. I cannot recommend it enough. He wastes no time immersing you in working examples of front and back end projects while simultaneously reinforcing everything you’ve already learned and providing you with a strong introduction to the back end.



It is the best course to learn web development, I tried earlier but not completed. I will try it once again. Hope i will finish this time !



I love all Rob’s stuff. But I would say both of these courses are on a level playing field. Regardless which one you are going through they both offer tons of value. I’ve gone through a lot of the Complete Developer course, the original one and much of the 2.0 course and I also have done a bit with the Web Developer Bootcamp. Both are high quality, step by step, and offer great tutorials. One think I like about the Web Developer Bootcamp is that the Node.JS stuff is covered. But then again I like that Rob covers the Php and MySQL side of things. If anyone is looking for some great Web dev courses, wait for the $10 sales and pick them both up, can’t go wrong, well worth the money.



Sorry but I don’t agree with the others who have liked Rob Percival’s Complete Web Developer Course. I got partway through the 1.0 version of the course before he updated it to 2.0, and then I did the entire 2.0 course in about a month or so. I found it to be among one of the worst MOOCs that I’ve ever taken anywhere, and would rate it negative stars if I could. Don’t waste your time, and I’d recommend trying to get a refund. There are so many things wrong with the course that you’ll spend more time unlearning what he teaches.

I actually wrote up a highly critical review intending to post it as a customer review, but I’m not sure I should. In any case, if you’re truly serious about Web development don’t bother with Rob Percival’s course—I went through the entire thing myself and found it to be a colossal waste of time. (Money not as much since it was only $10.) To his credit, he has an enthusiastic charisma but unfortunately his knowledge is full of holes—he said “SQL” stands for Server Query Language when it totally doesn’t, for example.

One of the most egregiously bad things in Percival’s course is that he had to Google a basic algorithm to check whether a number is prime, when he has a degree in math, and then copy-pasted a solution from StackOverflow. Just unbelievable. If he can’t write that algorithm/code from scratch then he has no business trying to teach programming.



Did you intend to to give Colt Steele’s The Web Developer Bootcamp 0 stars? even though you said nothing about it. The rating is on by default when you replay in a review thread.



Sorry, didn’t intend to give Colt Steele’s course 0 stars, didn’t realize that about the rating. I haven’t taken Colt Steele’s course but did purchase it recently based on all the positive reports here on it, and hope to start it sometime soon.



The course is $10 right now and so I am really thinking of buying it.
But I’m already halfway through the react section of fcc. so all the basic stuff I would be skipping. do you still think the course is worth it?



I’m still in the java script section of the course, but for $10 you can’t really go wrong



Absolutely still worth it. After working through to approximately the same point as you in FCC, I purchased Colt Steele’s program and the first few units on HTML and CSS really helped me solidify what I had already seen in FCC. Maybe it’s just because I saw it all a second time, but following along with his explanations in your own code editor really made the difference for me.

When I started my tribute page, I realized I didn’t even know how to begin. After the first HTML unit in Colt’s bootcamp, I built most of the framework for the FCC tribute page from scratch in about 20 minutes. Can’t wait to get in tandem with the two and start making real supplementary progress!



The best thing is that he teaches enough where you can do the final assignments before he shows the steps. I’m on the end of the Bootstrap Section which made his program to me a go further into the Back-End with JavaScript (at least hoping enough to reach the level of understanding and taking it further in my coding journey).

It’s good to take screenshots and look back and reflect on them and the code itself to get deeper in the subject (based on other video learning experiences).



I went through his course and have to give his course 5 stars. I agree with OP and will add saying Ian is amazing and super helpful. Check out the application that I built from taking the course. I have plans in the future to incorporate more features and some API to be a more complete application. Highly recommend it to anyone. Look for it to go on sale monthly for $10!

If he has plans to make a React course - I’ll buy within a heart beat.



Great course, Colt gives a high-level view of a lot of topics that I missed when going through the FCC curriculum.



I absolutely love this course, the projects were cool and it was a great intro into Back End development with node.

One thing though, I wish the course had an index so I could quickly go back and review certain topics. All the videos are jam packed with great info, but when I want to go back and review a specific topic (ie) event bubbling, I’m not quite sure what video to look in.

It’s well worth the $20 when it’s on special!

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I’ve completed mostly the HTML and CSS sections of both Rob and Colt’s courses. I can appreciate a lot of the things I’ve done with Rob’s course, but feel I’ve gained way more knowledge and confidence from Colts bootcamp course.

My biggest complaint about Rob is you witness him doing things that he never takes the time to explain how he did it. Not really knowledge on html or css itself, but rather shortcuts using the text editor. People frequently would ask Rob how he was able to do these shortcuts, but his responses were almost always ‘look it up’. Colt is always giving tips and trick to make using the text editor more efficient. If your reading this, trying to figure out which one to get, get Colt’s.



I’ve finished the html and css sections of Rob Percival’s Complete Web Development Course 2.0, and I’m still feeling really engaged :slight_smile:



its $19 now for feb 2017! :smiley:



I am new to programming and I am doing it as a hobby. I will get the UDEMY web developer bootcamp. I am already progressing through freecodecamp.

And to think I was looking at Thinkful’s program which is easily in the thousands of dollars

Thank yo for this review



I just finished the YelpCamp section of this course and cannot recommend it enough. Colt is an excellent teacher, and the YelpCamp project is an awesome introduction to the back end. I now feel much more prepared and ready to dive into FCC’s back end challenges. The front end material is great, too, if you want a nice supplement to FCC’s curriculum. This is well worth the $$$, and it’s an absolute steal when it goes on sale for $10.

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