The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy Review

The Web Developer Bootcamp - Udemy Review
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I’m about a third of the way through Colt’s Web Development Bootcamp Course. Initially, I was planning to stop after the FEWD modules but given I’m enjoying it so much (and I feel like I’m learning a lot) I’m definately going to complete the entire course. I’m also doing a much more expensive FEWD course via Thinkful which is good but I’d have to say I’m learning more to date from Colt. I just wish I found the course earlier!

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I’m about 30% done with the Web Developer Bootcamp and I love it! Colt is a great instructor and does a great job at explaining the what/why for everything he teaches you. I just started FCC and I’m almost done with the HTML/CSS portion but I feel like most topics are better explained in the Web Developer Bootcamp while FCC kind of rushes you through everything. You also work with your own text editor in the Web Developer Bootcamp (he suggests using Sublime) instead of working directly in the browser. Going forward I am going to continue the Web Developer Bootcamp and use FCC as additional practice and beyond seeing as there’s such a great community here.

The Web Developer Bootcamp is well worth $200 but I only payed $15. Udemy has those $15 dollar deals so just wait for that to buy.



I purchased Colt’s Bootcamp course for £10 which is crazy value. I’ve only done the front end part of the course so far, and won’t do any of the other parts until I’ve finished my front end certification here on fcc.
FCC + Bootcamp course is a very nice combo, although I’m also using other sources.
Just to add, if you guys are looking for udemy courses at any time, just google ‘onlinecoursespro’. They seem to have a permanent coupon that will get you any udemy course (certainly any course you’ve previously wishlisted) for $10. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just love a bargain.

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Thanks, all for the great review about course.



Just bought the course recently due to popular demand and positive reviews i got. Hope it’s worth. Already done with the html lessons. If anyone is taking the course and looking to pair to tackle issues together, I’ll be glad to engage myself



I recently marathoned through the whole course like it was a Netflix series. I agree, the course is by far the most comprehensive and useful resource that I’ve personally come across in terms of web development. I really like that Colt demonstrates the importance of learning fundamentals before showing you how to use libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap. For example, you’ll work on traversing DOM with vanilla JS before even touching jQuery, use some awesome libraries and APIs in your projects to utilize the document canvas object for animations, introduction to not only Bootstrap, but also Semantic UI for FE development, how to run a server with node.js and integrate MongoDB, and so much more. Can’t recommend it enough!

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Would you mind listing what projects he has you build?

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just bought for the course. im excited. thanks for all the good reviews.



One of the best courses on Udemy, and probably the best developer course there. Perfect with FCC!

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I just want to say that I don’t recommend Rob Percivals course. I took his Web developer course 01 and then he updated again to web developer course 02 making us pay again for the course. He did that for all his courses. I curious about Colt’s course but I don’t want to be a monkey programmer, ‘like monkey do this, monkey to that’. That’s what it was like taking Robs course, not really explaining the why.



I have both, I’m almost done with colt Steeles course and I couldn’t get past the javascript section of Rob Percivals course. Colt goes into depth and explains what he does. I didn’t get the same feeling and experience with Robs course.

I suggest picking up colt steeles course when it goes on sale again. Worth. Every. Penny.

Sorry for any typos, typed this out on my done during a meeting.



Hi, I’m interested in buying this course.
I just have a few questions: is it possible to skip sections? For example, I would probably skip HTML and CSS sections because I’m not a total beginner, I’m more interested in the JS section and other things.
Also, once I buy it, will it fire someday? Or it will be mine forever?

I hope to have explained myself properly, thanks to anyone what is going to answer me.



It’s yours forever! It does not expire. Yes; you can skip sections.

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Thank you for bringing this Colt Steele’s web developers bootcamp to my notice. I reviewed it and seems a good resource to have while consolidating web development.

It seems udemy accepts only card. I didn’t see paypal option there. If so, I hope my card credentials are safe. BTW it is going at $10 at my end.

Sorry, I just saw the paypal option just below the card field. I have already paid via card though.

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Colt’s course is the best on Udemy in its category, period.



I can’t recommend this course enough. One of the best and most thorough courses I have taken. Great foundation to build off of.



I’m halfway through myself and I agree, it’s a fantastic course. Probably the most value for the money I got in my whole life (I bought it for $15 on sale). Colt is a wonderful instructor.



One thing I learned in life is to be grateful for those who go out of their way to help me, and ask for nothing in return.
Instead of paying for Colt’s course, which seems wonderful from what I researched, I donated to FCC first. Later I will try colt’s course.

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I have this course as well. I think it is very well done.



Hi, I am inquiring if someone have the udemy course “web developer bootcamp” by Colt Steele and would like to give me access, I could really use it. Kindly let me know if there is someone among you who will be willing to let me use it. I will not mess with the account or if someone has a free coupon, kindly let me know. Thank you